Sunday, 29 August 2010

Mr Puft & Kickboxing Tournament - Day 2

Having met Henry Rollins yesterday, Mr Puft was ready to go see some kickboxing!
What else do you do when you have seen Henry who is a hard act to follow.... off we went to see a kickboxing tournament in which Dexter was competing.

Lot to take in so back into my bag until tomorrow!

Mr Puft & Henry Rollins - Day 1

Meet Mr Stay Puft the original character from Ghostbusters 1984 movie.

For the next 365 days (maybe more who knows), he is going to show you what he sees through his eyes.

So how cool is his first day out and he sees Henry Rollins and gets an after show photo with the man himself!

For those of you who don't know who Henry Rollins is, he is a musician, author, comedian, actor and all round really nice, funny, intelligent and interesting guy who is nothing like the characters he tends to be typecast for playing. He was recently playing an awful character on Sons of Anarchy who he is nothing like in real life and here is one of his videos where again he is in character (not his own one)!